The Magic of February 2021

February – a unique month in the Calendar. I always associate it with Aquarius sign, because just like them, February is unpredictable (sometimes 28, sometimes 29 days…as you know), special, full of emotions and unforgettable. Of course there are Pisces born in February as well (starting on February 19th/20th) and they share some of those qualities too.

This post is not about Aquarius or Pisces, but about the magical FEBRUARY we are having this year. The most perfect month of the year, numerologically speaking.

It starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday. Four perfect weeks!


02.02.2021 : Dedicate time for yourself on that day. Work on your creativity.

12.02.2021 : This is the most energetically powerful ”mirror” date of the whole year. Something very important in the lives of many people will take place on that date. Some will get insights, some will avoid great danger…so it is important to listen to your instinct and be open to changes. The date also coincide with the Chinese New Year. Read about the Chinese New Year here.



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