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This one is getting popular in beauty industry, and it hits me close to home because it was my very first skin care routine that I learned from my mom, without even asking but just observing women in my family use it daily. I guess it is a very traditional/common tip for Russian woman to use ice/cold for facials, so I should share how we do it.

Make some ice cubes and use one cube in the morning by rolling it gently under your eyes and on your face until it’s completely melted. Do not forget your neck and chest! Why?

– Quickly awakes your skin.

– It helps reduce dark circles and puffiness under your eyes.

– Reduces wrinkles (cold is proven to slow aging process of your skin).

– Tightens your pores (good before applying foundation/makeup).

– Boosts your skin healthy glow.

Also, you can hold an ice cube for a few minutes of a pimple or an acne spot to reduce swelling and redness.

Instead of regular water ice cubes, you can freeze herbal green tea, or aloe vera juice or you can add squished fresh fruits into your ice cubes. This way you still have your cold therapy and you give your skin additional nutriments depending on what you use.

If you fall in love with the results, you might want to try ice swimming too 😉



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  1. I tried the ice cubes with rose essential oil and lemon. A very nice effect on my skin. Instantly feeling fresh and awake.

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