Natural Beauty Recipes

Red Berries Power

Red berries are not just food, but also a medicine, that can be equally used for external use.


For internal use: If you do not take oral contraceptives, raspberries will reduce the severity of your PMS; if you do, it will reduce the risk of thrombosis development.

For external use: Put boiling water in a glass of berries (if you have raspberries leaves, even better). Once cooled down, use this water as toner to wash your face to treat acne.


For internal use: Cherries have more pectin than apples, so they perfectly remove cholesterol and help with bloated stomach.

For external use: Cherry juice diluted with water 1:2, is an effective hair rinse. It fights dandruff, straightens hair and reduces the red highlight color.


For internal use: Juice contains a lot of succinic acid, which is a great remedy for nausea or hangovers.

For external use: Squeeze the juice out and apply the mashed berries as a mask on your face. Keep it for 15 minutes. It tightens your pores and increase elasticity. (Keep the juice for internal use)



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