Natural Beauty Recipes

Oh Oh Honey!

The mix of the two ingredients I am about to present you for this new DIY face mask is common when you have a flu, and it works amazingly for that purpose. The beauty of natural products is that they are equally beneficial for the external use.

Honey and Chamomile

You need chamomile loose leaf tea and honey (as natural honey as possible). If you are not able to find loose leaf chamomile tea, you can buy chamomile tea bags and just open about 6 bags for this mask.

Mix the two ingredients until the chamomile loose leaves are soft enough. It won’t dissolve in the honey completely, but it must have a soft texture.
Apply the mixture on your face and neck and keep it for half an hour. Remove the mask with warm water. You will immediately feel how soft and fresh your skin is.

Honey Benefits

Organic acids have a moisturizing effect.
Fruit acids accelerate skin renewal.
Vitamin C have rejuvenating effect.
Vitamin B improves microcirculation and vascular tone.
Minerals regenerate skin cells.

Chamomile Benefits

Anti-inflammatory and healing effect.
Contains essential oils and antioxidants.
Helps reduce skin irritants by neutralizing free radicals.

Again, masks have ten times better effect when products are natural, with less food preservatives. Honey is a good example. There are too many options on the shelves and a lot of them have just too much sugar added. If you are not able to find a local, trustworthy product, here are some I found qualified for us online:



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