Essential Oils

Obsession with Coconut Oil

Ah, the day I discovered coconut oil… magic! I always loved coconuts, but only consuming them for food. My sister introduced me to it for all the beauty treatments reasons and I fell in love!

I personally use it for my hair and face. I can’t use it for my body, because even if I want too, I am not capable of letting it dry in peace. So not for me.

I was doing a hair mask one day with coconut oil and I forgot that I had my mascara on. I usually keep my hair mask for half an hour- an hour, and meanwhile was doing my stuff.  A bit of oil from my scalp was slowly dripping to my face, the amount was really like small, I didn’t even realized it… and I just rubbed my eye ( as I said, I forgot I had mascara on). When I saw myself in the mirror before the shower, I was surprised but that’s when I discovered for myself that coconut oil can be used as a make up removal!

My skin is pretty sensitive and beside Lancôme Makeup Remover, my skin does not accept other products.  For me, the oilier the better. I just felt in love with how gentle coconut oil was removing my mascara. No dry sensation, natural…of course, hydrating at the same time and doing a great job.

I don’t use any cotton pads for that. I just splash my face with a bit of water to prepare it for the make up removal. I take a small piece of coconut oil from my jar (I don’t keep my coconut oil melted, but hard instead) into my hand and gently rub onto my skin until the make up is sufficiently melted away. Then I rinse my face with warm water and if you feel like it is a bit too oily, I use Rose Water on a cotton pad to remove some extra oil from my face.



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