Chinese New Year


To put it very simple, Chinese Horoscope is a combination of :

  • Lunar Calendar (Chinese New Year begins on the new moon, somewhere between 21 January and 20 February)
  • Chinese Zodiac (12-year cycle represented by 12 animals/mythical creatures)
  • The Stem-Branch Calendar (10 heavenly stems and 12 earthly branches, a Chinese ordering system originated from the observation of astronomical phenomena in ancient China. Their combination results in a 60-year cycle)
  • Five Elements (wood, water, soil, fire and metal are rotated every two years)
  • Yin and Yang (alternates every year)

For astrology lovers like myself, this calendar is a very complex but at the same time very interesting guiding tool we can implement into our life for special/important events.


What I would like to discuss here, is how to celebrate the Chinese New Year to get the good luck!

The year of 2021 begins on February 12 (Lunar Calendar) and is represented by the Ox (Chinese Zodiac).

More precisely, it is Xin Chou (Stem-Branch calendar), Metal (Element), Yin (Yin Yang).

The ox has determination, confidence and is very hard working. You must expect the year to be demanding and should not expect results from giving your minimum. The ox likes simplicity and nature. The lucky colors for this year are WHITE and SILVER!  On the New Year’s Eve (February 11, 2021), wear something simple with the lucky colors. Meaning: white, all shades of gray, from black to light pastels; milky silver, silver, beige.

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