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Baby Earrings

Getting your ears pierced is one of the most exciting things as a child. You feel so grown up having your own jewelry. Of course, that is if you pierced yours a bit late like me, at 5 years old. Now, parents pierce their baby’s ears starting from 3 months old. How do you choose your baby’s earrings?

Once the starter studs are out, there are few things to consider when buying your child earrings.

  • WEIGHT⚖: should not be too heavy (maximum 2g so that your child does not feel discomfort and the earrings does not stretch/pull the earlobe).
  • METAL⛏: 14K Gold, Sterling Silver or Surgical Steel tend to be less irritating to newly pierced ears. Lowest risk of allergies & infections.
  • LOCK🔒: should be secure! kids are very active and earrings can create unnecessary injuries. Best options: “french lock” earrings, “screw-backed” studs or small hoops for kids under 7 years old.
French Lock Earrings by RinaMosk

“French lock” earrings aka “kidney wire lock” earrings are the perfect earrings for children under 7 years old. The lock is very secure. Less worry about the earrings getting caught in hair or clothes or accidentally being pulled out during activities. The earrings are very light (less than 2g) and the metal (14k gold or 925 sterling silver) is very thin. Made specifically for children’s small ears, so that it does not irritate the piercing.

Screw Back Earrings by RinaMosk

Screw back earrings are also recommended for babies and very young children to keep the earring back secure. Prevent from scratches, from earrings being lost and from getting caught in hair. Safe choice and never going out of style.



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