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Don’t Forget The Hands

Especially in Winter, and in our case because of the pandemic as well, our hands are dry and tired of the cold and the hand sanitizers… Here are some express DIY hand masks you can do before going to bed. This One 3 tbsp of oatmeal2 tbsp of […]

Three Easy DIY Body Scrubs

There are a lot of benefits from regularly using scrubs for your body. It improves blood microcirculation, accelerates the process of tissue regeneration, cleanse the pores, improves skin structure, removes toxins and much more!Different ingredients are used for different purposes. Take a hot shower immediately before the procedure. […]

Oh Oh Honey!

The mix of the two ingredients I am about to present you for this new DIY face mask is common when you have a flu, and it works amazingly for that purpose. The beauty of natural products is that they are equally beneficial for the external use. Honey […]

DIY Hair Mask from Cardi B

It is not the first time Cardi B shares her hair masks, and to be honest, the ingredients she is using…they make sense. The mask is a great combination to boost your natural hair texture, give your hair an extra dose of hydration and just nourish it with […]

The Magic of February 2021

February – a unique month in the Calendar. I always associate it with Aquarius sign, because just like them, February is unpredictable (sometimes 28, sometimes 29 days…as you know), special, full of emotions and unforgettable. Of course there are Pisces born in February as well (starting on February […]


Aloe can be used in many forms and for many purposes. This plant is really one of the most amazing gems on earth that we have. I’ll talk about how you can use pure aloe for your face: Step 1: the skin must be clean Step 2: gently […]

Baby Earrings

Getting your ears pierced is one of the most exciting things as a child. You feel so grown up having your own jewelry. Of course, that is if you pierced yours a bit late like me, at 5 years old. Now, parents pierce their baby’s ears starting from […]

Obsession with Coconut Oil

Ah, the day I discovered coconut oil… magic! I always loved coconuts, but only consuming them for food. My sister introduced me to it for all the beauty treatments reasons and I fell in love! I personally use it for my hair and face. I can’t use it […]

The Power of Roses

There are some good cleansing tonic water, but sometimes you still have feeling that urges you to wash that tonic off with water… well the best toner I found for my skin care routine is ROSE WATER! When I finish removing my make up, and cleaning my face, […]