Natural Beauty Recipes


Aloe can be used in many forms and for many purposes. This plant is really one of the most amazing gems on earth that we have.

I’ll talk about how you can use pure aloe for your face:

Step 1: the skin must be clean

Step 2: gently rub your face with a piece of aloe leaf (cut off about 2 cm of a leaf and slice that piece in half to use the inside)

Step 3: let the juice dry on your face for 20 minutes. Your skin will absorb everything useful from the aloe juice.

Step 4: when a thin layer will form on the surface of your face (like a second skin), wash it off with warm water.

Step 5: you can apply your night/day cream if you feel you need it.

Aloe Benefits:

  • Improve complexion;
  • Moisturize;
  • Normalize water balance in tissues;
  • Tightens pores and smooths skin (Aloe produce its own collagen)
  • Prevents the appearance of age spots;
  • Protects the skin from UV radiation;
  • Accelerates the healing of wounds and other damages (such as burns)
  • Relieves inflammation and disinfects;
  • Eliminates irritation and signs of allergic reactions – rash, itching, redness;
  • Aloe is especially beneficial for oily skin. It is able to normalize the production of sebum.



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