Month: January 2021


Aloe can be used in many forms and for many purposes. This plant is really one of the most amazing gems on earth that we have. I’ll talk about how you can use pure aloe for your face: Step 1: the skin must be clean Step 2: gently […]

Baby Earrings

Getting your ears pierced is one of the most exciting things as a child. You feel so grown up having your own jewelry. Of course, that is if you pierced yours a bit late like me, at 5 years old. Now, parents pierce their baby’s ears starting from […]

Obsession with Coconut Oil

Ah, the day I discovered coconut oil… magic! I always loved coconuts, but only consuming them for food. My sister introduced me to it for all the beauty treatments reasons and I fell in love! I personally use it for my hair and face. I can’t use it […]

The Power of Roses

There are some good cleansing tonic water, but sometimes you still have feeling that urges you to wash that tonic off with water… well the best toner I found for my skin care routine is ROSE WATER! When I finish removing my make up, and cleaning my face, […]

Castor Oil Magic

Castor oil is a vegetable oil pressed from castor beans. The oil has a lot of benefits, but the plant itself is a poisonous plant that can cause severe, even fatal poisoning. The oil can be used internally to help clean the digestive system and put in order […]

Express Acne-Fighting Mask

This is an express remedy scrab for sudden acne breakouts. I have a normal type of skin (not too dry not too oily), so it works good on me. But it might not be for you and make sure you don’t have allergies to the ingredients below: Aspirin […]

Siberian Beauty Tips

ICE/COLD FACIALS This one is getting popular in beauty industry, and it hits me close to home because it was my very first skin care routine that I learned from my mom, without even asking but just observing women in my family use it daily. I guess it […]

Beautiful Lashes Just a Blink Away

Eyelashes Care Routine. Whether you want your lashes to have a little break from mascara or extensions, or you are just looking for a new self-care routine for your often taken for granted beautiful natural eyelashes… here’s how to bring some strength back to them. You will need: […]

Chinese New Year

WHAT IS CHINESE HOROSCOPE? To put it very simple, Chinese Horoscope is a combination of : Lunar Calendar (Chinese New Year begins on the new moon, somewhere between 21 January and 20 February) Chinese Zodiac (12-year cycle represented by 12 animals/mythical creatures) The Stem-Branch Calendar (10 heavenly stems […]